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Director: Dr. F. David Peat

Program Manager: Maureen Doolan


Rossee Blam, New York (Mentor and Coach)

Rossee is the creator of Bottom Line Coaching and is currently an innovative personal development coach and resource person for participants who wish to brainstorm about any part of their life that needs attention.

As a highly sensitive intuitive, she has been trained to read patterns as they apply to individuals or groups. In her stimulating but relaxed conversational style, she not only listens, but synthesizes what she hears and feeds it back to her clients in simple language, thus enabling them to move from concept to reality, from problem to solution. She provides focus, clarity and energy for her clients and is a dramatic catalyst who is producing change and direction. Her collaboration with her clients helps steer their course and provide support as they set out on their personal and professional journey.

With a wealth of life experiences and array of careers that have included managing a concert violinist and composer, creating and directing a successful cooking school and catering business called "Country Kitchen". She has also received recognition as a professional Theatre Arts Ballroom dancer. Rossee is wise and congenial ideal mentor for those having difficulty getting from where they are to where they want to go.

Rossee's world wide professional affiliations include 18 years of study with Dr. Stuart Grayson, First Church of Religious Science, N.Y.C. Jung Institute of N.Y.C.; Dr. Michael Conforti, Assisi Conferences and Seminars, Italy and VT, Dr. Maria Sagi, Budapest, Hungary, Healing through the Psi-field; and Terry Ross, American Society Of Dowsers, Energy Dowsing, Pa.

Professor Ruth Dempsey, University of Ottawa, Canada (Midlife Directions)

Ruth is a professor at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Education. She is also an educational consultant, counselor and workshop leader. Ruth has a longtime research interest in learning and its relationship to health and aging.

Mark Edwards Still Pictures, London (Environmentalist and Photographer)

Mark is one of the most widely published editorial photographers in the world. His pictures from more than 100 countries illustrate the planet's environmental crisis, as well as the many positive things which people are doing in response. He is also co-author, with David Bohm, of Changing Consciousness, a book that examines the role of human consciousness in the context of environmental and social crises.His contribution to the environmental movement has been recognized by the United Nationls, which added his name to the prestigious Global 500 Roll of Honour in 1990, and by the Royal Geographical Society which awarded him the Cherry Kearton Medal at the Earth Summit in 1992. Mark also runs Still Pictures, one of the largest environmental photo libraries in the world.

Herbert Girardet London (Environmentalist, Film maker and Writer)

Herbert Girardet, BSc., Econ., LSE, is a consultant urban ecologist, writer and filmmaker. In recent years his main focus has been urban sustainability, and particularly research on London's metabolism and ecological footprint. In 1994 he produced Metropolis, a documentary on London's metabolism, for Channel 4. In 1995 he wrote Getting London in Shape for 2000, for London First, a report which pioneered sustainable development concepts for London. He is a trustee of the Sustainable London Trust, and with John Jopling, was co-author of the report Creating a Sustainable London, 1998. In spring/ summer 2000 he was co-curator of London Living City, a major exhibition on initiatives to create a sustainable London, for RIBA. Future versions of this exhibition are at a planning stage.

Since 1975 he has worked continuously on many aspects of sustainable development. At the Rio Earth Summit, 1992, he received a UN Global 500 Award For Outstanding Environmental Achievements. He was a consultant to Habitat II, the UN City Summit, Istanbul, 1996. He continues to work closely with the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS) which staged Habitat II.

Since 1995 Herbert is also visiting professor for environmental planning at Middlesex University, London. In 2000 he became an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). He is chairman of the Schumacher Society, UK, and a member of the executive committee of UNED-UK. He is also writes frequently for the international press and contributes to conferences world-wide.

Herbert is author and co-author of seven books - including Blueprint for a Green Planet, 1987, the first book on green consumerism, published in 12 languages; Earthrise, How we can Heal out Injured Planet, written for the Rio Earth Summit, 1992; and The Gaia Atlas of Cities, New Perspectives on Sustainable Urban Living, 1992 and 1996, translated into 4 languages; and Making Cities Work, 1996, commissioned for Habitat II. In 1999 he wrote a short book, Creating Sustainable Cities; and the eco-design text for the UK government's Urban Taskforce Report.

Herbert is also a TV writer and producer. In 1885-6 he was initiator and researcher of Far From Paradise, a seven-part series on the history of human impact on the earth, for the BBC and international co-producers. He co-authored the book accompanying the series. In 1987 he produced three prize winning documentaries on the impacts on the Amazon forest, Jungle Pharmacy, Halting the Fires and The Altamira Gathering, for Channel 4. In 1999 he produced 28 three-minute films called Deadline 2000, on the environment & the new millennium, for Channel 4.

Herbert has just completed work as series editorial consultant on a six-part international TV series, The People's Planet, for CNN and NHK, Tokyo, which is intended as a scene setter for the next UN Earth Summit in 2002. It was filmed in 24 countries on 5 continents. It is the first international TV series since 1992 to provide on overview of the relationship between people and planet, and on world-wide initiatives on sustainable development. The series was developed by Herbert in close co-operation with the Worldwatch Institute, Washington. The six films are on consumerism, cities, food, nature, energy and global justice. Herbert is also the main interviewee in the film on cities, which is particularly concerned with creating a sustainable relationship between cities and the biosphere. Herbert is now starting work on writing the book to accompany the TV series.

Professor Tom Henighan, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (Creative Writing)

Dr. Henighan, who has run the fiction workshop at Carleton University in Ottawa for ten years, has published (among other books) a novel (shortlisted for the Bantam-Seal Award), two collections of short stories and a volume of poetry. In addition, his stories and poems have appeared in literary magazines in the United States and Canada. As the author of the Maclean's Companion to Canadian Arts and Culture, the most comprehensive guide to the arts in Canada yet published, Henighan has acquired a vast fund of knowledge about writers, writing and publishing. He is also a noted arts journalist, a reviewer, and a teacher with a host of devoted students, many of whom have achieved success in the fields of writing, the arts and culture. Tom Henighan enjoys cooking, canoeing at his lake in Quebec, fishing, and classical music. His older son, Stephen, is a noted young Canadian writer and scholar. Tom's daughter, Phoebe, works on the Dennis Miller Show in Hollywood.

Dr Elena Liotta,Orvieto and Rome (Jungian Analyst)

Elena is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Analytical Psychologist and a Training Analyst in the AIPA (Italian Jungian Association). She is a full member of AIPA and IAAP (International Jungian Association) and APA (American Psychological Association). In addition Elena has worked in local government for the city of Orvieto. Her present concerns are with issues that are local rather than global, and with the detailed and practical rather than the theoretical and large scale. Elena's workshops will focus on the experiential. She refers to Carl Jung who wrote of schools for adults as providing a space and a time where they could first learn how to educate the younger generation by educating themselves and then how to accept the passage of time, the second part of life, the shadow of death and the development of a more spiritual attitude.

Dr. F. David Peat Writer and Physicist, Pari (New Physics/ New Paradigms)

David Peat is an author, physicist and thinker who, four years ago, decided to settle in the village of Pari and think about the future, about where the world is going, and how we can retain all that has been valuable over the last one thousand years of Western Civilization. For many years David worked as a theoretical physicist in Canada, looking at the foundations of quantum theory and its link with general relativity. His long-term friendship with David Bohm involved an exploration of ideas in physics, space, time and the nature of consciousness. With Leroy Little Bear, David also organized a series of dialogue circles with Native American Elders and Western scientists.

As an author, he has is interested in writing books as a way of exploring new ideas and then of conveying them to a general public. While in Canada also he wrote and co-produced many radio documentaries including the twenty-hour series "A Question of Physics", as well as plays for stage and radio and a twenty-minute film, Memories.

David has a long-term interest in the links between art, music and science. For several months he served as a peripatetic "Scientist in Residence" at St Martin's School of Art, Ruskin College of Art, the West of England College of Art and Brighton College of Art. He also has several ongoing conversations with a number of artists and musicians. In Pari David is also organizing an "Accademia dei Pari" to explore issues of ethics, education, the future and the links between art and science.

Peat is the author of over twenty books including The Blackwinged Night: Creativity in Nature and Mind; Synchronicity: The Bridge between Matter and Mind; Lighting the Seventh Fire:The Spiritual Ways, Healing and Science of the Native American; Science, Order and Creativity (with David Bohm), Philosopher's Stone; Einstein's Moon; Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm and with John Briggs - Turbulent Mirror; Looking Glass Universe and Seven Life Lessons of Chaos. Peat is presently completing two books, From Certaintly to Uncertainty (the evolution of thought in the twentieth century) and The Return of the Sacred.


Jayne Persch, California (Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Licensed Therapist)

Jayne is the Director of HYPAXIS and BRIAH Contemporary Dance Co. As a dancer she has received some of the finest training and dance opportunities in the world including the Stuttgart Ballet, the American Ballet Theater (New York) and the Royal Ballet (London).

Amongst her many other accomplishments, Jayne founded the Ballet Program at the University of New Hampshire where she also taught Theater Jazz and Contemporary Dance. As an adjunct instructor at Antioch-New England, she taught Anatomy and Movement for the Dance Movement Therapy Graduate Program. Jayne has also taught Anatomy and Physiology for the Institute for Therapeutic Arts in their Massage Therapy Training and Certification Program

Jayne's work has taken her into collaboration with orchestras, symphony groups and professional theaters including her role as Assistant Director and Choreographer for more than 11 Broadway shows. As Artistic Director for the Springfield Ballet, Jayne received an award for outstanding achievement from the National Association for Science Teachers for the alternative-educational program she designed and implemented called "Let's Create Together - The Planets."

As a teacher and movement therapist, she works to prevent injuries and to increase body awareness so that dance and movement may be used as therapy together with music and colour, speech and drama. In her work in psychology she blends the new sciences into body-mind correlations and creativity. For dancers, she is a source of inspiration and rehabilitation after life in dance. With more than 25 years of professional experience in dancing, teaching, directing and choreography, as well as continued personal study in massage therapy, psychology and the new sciences, Jayne brings to her work a wealth of knowledge and expertise, together with compassion, passion and joy. She offers a real sense of accomplishment and nurtures an awareness of personal integrity that is rooted in her love of the arts and her human commitment.

Prof Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Musicologist, Thanatologist

Therese is an author, medievalist, singer, harpist and composer who made her Carnegie Hall debut in 1980. Her opus 21, Hymn to the Angels is dedicated to Arvo Part. Therese's study of medieval music led her to the infirmary practices at Cluny and, in particular, the way the monastic order employed music for the dying. She is now Professor of Music-Thanatology at St Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana where she also heads the Chalice of Repose.

Richard Taylor, Ottawa (Creative Writing)

Richard Taylor has published a novel and a book of short fiction and has run dozens of successful fiction writing workshops in Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. He has been writer-in-residence at Carleton University in Ottawa, and is a noted essayist and travel writer. Taylor has received numerous writing grants from the Canadian and Ontario governments, and has been one of Carleton University's most successful English seminar teachers. Richard Taylor is a swimming champion, a demon surfer and a devoted, although intermittent, world-traveler. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Nepean, Ontario.



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