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"Animate Earth"

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Beryl Bainbridge - remembering Beryl Bainbridge

A Flickering Reality: Cinema and the nature of reality

David Peat's latest book explores ways in which our changing vision of reality is illustrated via movies

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Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World.

David Peat explores issues of trust, aid, intervention from the personal to the international level.

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And with Alan Boss in Calgary

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Pathways of Chance cover

F. David Peat elsewhere on the web

Visit the Pari Center for New Learning

David Peat has created a learning center in the village of Pari, Tuscany. The Center hosts conferences, offers courses and welcomes visitors. Learn more about the Center »

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New Dimensions Media #3204


Interview with David Peat

hosted by Michael Toms

You may purchase a copy of the interview in the form of an MP3 download from the New Dimensions Media website. Please note this program will remain available as part of the extensive archives of New Dimensions Media and may be ordered from that point on.
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Antony Gormley at the Hayward

For a review of Gormley's new show at the Hayward Gallery click here



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Historic interviews with some of the key figures in the development of modern physics including Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Leon Rosenfeld, David Bohm, John Wheeler and many others. Listen now »


Video interviews with David Peat, plus videos of the village of Pari. Watch now »

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