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This page provides access to transcripts of interviews and dialogues with artists, composers and scientists as well as various interviews with David Peat himself.

David Peat's speaking engagements


Audio clips of historic interviews with Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Leon Rosenfeld, Abus Salam, John Wheeler, David Bohm, Roger Penrose and many others.


Video clips of interviews with David Peat

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Interviews with Artists

Antony Gormley

An interview with the internationally known sculptor Antony Gormley. It discusses the gestation of his work out of his exploration of a sense of an "inner space".

Interviews with Composers

Jonathan Harvey

A discussion with the English composer, Jonathan Harvey. The discussion revolves around the dialectic tension between absolute music and the physicality of sound. The act of composition was also talked about as well as the spiritual nature of early and contemporary music.

Sir Michael Tippett 1905-1998

The distinguished British composer, Sir Michael Tippett (1905-1998), was interviewed by David Peat in 1996. In their conversation Tippett talks about the act of composition as akin to a form of possession by the gods. He relates his work as a creator to that of Shakespeare, as well as to the early Greek theater. Tippett speaks about the importance of Carl Jung, his relationship with T.S.Eliot, and the sudden vanishing, the year previously, of his creative gift.

Interviews with Scientists

David Bohm 1917-1992

In conversation with John Briggs and David Peat, David Bohm discusses his notions of wholeness as exhibited in the quantum theory. He explains his own idea of the implicate order and a holomovement that underlies both consciousness and the material world.

Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac

In this interview, carried out in the mid 1970s, Paul Dirac discusses the importance of aesthetics and beauty in theoretical physics. He also reflects upon the need for a much deeper theory of physics that goes beyond current quantum theory.

Werner Heisenberg 1901-1976

In this interview, carried out in the mid 1970s Werner Heisenberg recalls his role in the creation of quantum mechanics and its subsequent developments, including symmetry breaking and the role of time.

Interviews with F. David Peat

Look for Truth -- No Matter Where It Takes You

This article and interview with F. David Peat was written by Simeon Alev for the magazine What Is Enlightenment? It disusses, in part, the work and life of physicist David Bohm and his relationship with J. Krishnamurti.

The Physics of Gentle Action

Interview with F. David Peat for New Dimensions Radio.

A World of Imagination

An interview with F. David Peat about Art and Science.

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