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Bibliography gives you access to the books, essays, works of fiction and documentaries of F. David Peat.

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While this page gives you access to all of David Peat's writings to gain a better understanding and overview of his ideas the best way to navigate is via the Ideas section where essays and other writings are grouped around key themes.

F. David Peat has authored twenty books on popular science with topics ranging from synchronicity, to chaos theory, to the life of David Bohm. His latest books, The Black Winged Night: Creativity in Nature and Mind, From Certainty to Uncertainty: The story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century, Blackfoot Physics and In Search of Nicoka Tesla can be purchased through this website.

The more than forty essays and talks found here represent a selection of Peat's published writings over the last decade.

Plays, film scripts, short stories by F. David Peat.

Peat has produced several documentary radio programs. Transcripts of selected programs can be found here.

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