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In Search of Nikola Tesla


A new reprint of this classic book from Ashgrove Press. This new version contains a new chapter, introduction, technical appendix and illustrations. In Search of Nikola Tesla is the biography of an eccentric genius who sold his invention of the A.C. motor for a million dollars - in cash - and harnessed the power of Niagra Falls. It is also the story and how, while working at the National Research Council of Canada, David Peat investigated a contemporary revival of Tesla's lifelong dream to transmit electrical energy without wires!

Did Tesla really transmit energy around the world without loss? Could he communicate with the planets? Was he the true invention of radio broadcasting? And can Tesla trasmissions affect the human brain?......Read on


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Publishing Information

F. David Peat
Paperback, 169 pages
Ashgrove Press Ltd.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.48 x 8.50 x 5.35
ISBN 1-85398-117-6
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