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The Role and Importance of Community

The role of community is of key importance in our modern world. It relates to so many other issues such as: the way we structure space and time, the future of work, the transformation of the cities, the nature of economic systems, the impact of globalization and the need for a sense of connection and meaning within our lives.

Where better to discuss the future of community than from within a village that has maintained its sense of identity for nearly a thousand years?

A small one-day meeting on this theme will be held in the Fall of 2000. Participants will include an economist, an anthropologist who is studying small communities in Tuscany, a psychotherapist with an interest in the structure of organizations and communities and several persons who are working with communities at the grass-roots level. The main working language of this meeting will be Italian, with some English.

Depending upon the success of this meeting I will be looking to a larger International meeting some time in 2001 (main working language, English.

If anyone could be of assistance in contributing funding, or in providing contact with funders, please let me know. For this, or to express interest in such a meeting please email

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