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New Science/ New Paradigms

F. David Peat

Participants' Comments

I have been truly inspired by your New Paradigms/New Sciences course in Pari. This course was more than I had hoped. I had eagerly anticipated learning from a great mind of our time, you, David Peat. Imagine my surprise when I discovered your eagerness to learn from the participants of the class. Your willingness to be both teacher and student allowed us all to benefit from the variety of experiences and perspectives represented at your seminar.

Jena Axelrod (May 2001)

The workshop provded a chance to deeply explore the questions and possibilities evoked by the confluence of ideas in art, science, and consciousness. David is a fine teacher whose far-reaching experience in each of these areas provides a stimulating and challenging opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to engage each others' thoughts. I returned home inspired to continue my own learning."

Ginger Mongiello (May 2001)


I was searching for a supreme intellectual and spiritual experience and therefore I decided to go to Pari to meet with Dr. David F. Peat and participate at the Seminar on New Sciences / New Paradigms.

Pari is on top of a hill and I felt that I was on top of the world, where there are only new ideas, intellect, spirit, friendliness, warmth. Anywhere else I feel as I have a stone in my shoe, not at ease with my surroundings. I felt enormous pleasure listening to Dr. David Peat, participating in the discussions, listening to others what they have to say. I felt comfortable and pleasant because it was my natural surroundings among intellectuals, scientists, artists, exchanging their views, ideas from art and science, giving us food for thinking.

I went to meet Dr. F. David Peat and to see whether my paper on Hamlet can bear scientific verification and Dr. Peat has proved to me that such interdisciplinary approach, which he has been pursuing for a long time, is possible. If we can find new sciences and new paradigms, for which Dr. Peat searches, maybe we can find solution for global problems, and find new ethics and new values, to introduce values in economy based on confidence (Fukujama) and thus change the consciousness of mankind.

Besides that, Pari is magical. Olive oil is magical, like nowhere in the world, with fresh fruit smell and green colour. There are magic fire-flies among trees in the evening which make you stop and wonder whether everything has turned upside down, whether sky is down there and the stars twinkle among trees.

I enjoyed every minute in Pari, and I am looking forward to the next meeting, with interesting people from all over the world.

Jasmina Maric
Member of Yugoslav Shakespeare Society

Head of Department
'Petar Karic' Institute
for Strategic Studies and Development
BK University - Belgrade

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