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October Gallery - The Meeting of Art and Science

In early March 1999 a small group of artists and scientists met in London for two and a half days. The reason for the meeting was not so much to pursue an "art and science" agenda but simply to talk together, explore ideas, make contacts and discover what can occur when a group of highly creative people meet together without any particular aims or agenda.

From this perspective the meeting was highly successful. Our discussions ranged over a wide area from specific scientific theories and art projects to a general investigation of consciousness and the values of contemporary society. One thing was agreed upon, that these sorts of encounters should continue. Scientists, as well as other academics, gain enormous benefit from talking to others outside their fields of specialty, such as artists. For their part artists felt that they were not spending enough time to talk to each other. In particular we all felt that it was important to create and claim a physical space in which to meet in the future - a place where other artists, musicians, scientists (and others) could drop in for varying periods of time. The issue that now faces us is how to make such a dream a reality.

The ongoing dialogue about the issues raised will continue in the Discussion Forum. Some preliminary observations made by Arts Council of England observer Jemma Gascoine-Becker and the final report of the meeting are available. You can also find out about some of the participants, read the background papers, or post your own comments.


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