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Study with David Peat at the Pari Center for New Learning

David Peat will be giving course at the Pari Center for New Learning. The next one of these will be in October 2001 on the topic of New Science/New Paradigms. David Peat will be giving additional courses in 2002 on such topics as synchronicity, and the new sciences. For additional information write to or visit the Pari Center web site.

New Sciences/ New Paradigms

5-10 October 2001

with Dr F. David Peat

This week-long workshop will range over many of the issues discussed in David Peat's books, essays and on his web site. While a number of scientific ideas will be explored they will be discussed in a non-technical way so no previous knowledge of mathematics or physics will be needed. In particular scientific ideas will also be related to paradigm shifts and questions of the meanings and values of our present society.

This course was initially run in May 2001 with much success. To read comments of some of the course participants, click here.

Topics will include:

Alternative World Views
The world of the Blackfoot
To what extent does science present us with facts about the world and to what extent is it a story created by our society?

Quantum Theory and Paradigm Shifts
Planck, Bohr, Pauli and Heisenberg
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
Chance in Quantum Theory
The Role of the Observer
Limits to what can be said

Quantum Theory and Beyond
Crisis between Relativity and Quantum Theory
Symmetry Breaking
Theories of Everything
A New Order in Physics
Bohm and the Implicate Order
Bohm and the Quantum Potential

How can we say what we mean? (Russell and Wittgenstein)
"We are Suspended in language" (Bohr)
Bohm, the Blackfoot and the Rheomode

What is the nature of creativity in nature and mind?
Creativity as: "making it new", "acts of renewal", "making it whole"
Creativity and embodiment
Dionysius and Apollo in the act of creation
The role of beauty in physics and art

Chaos Theory
The basic ideas of chaos theory and their applications in everday life

Jung and Pauli
Some basic ideas in Jung
The encounter of Jung and Pauli
The "Irrational in Nature"

In light of the range of ideas to be covered, the workshop will proceed in a gentle way. In addition to lecture periods with time of questions, there will be group discussions and one-on-one sessions when participants have a chance to discuss, in depth, issues of particular interest to them.

Timetable October Session

Participants will arrive on Thursday 4 October in time for dinner with David Peat. The workshop will begin on the morning of Friday 5 October at 9:30. It will end at dinner time on Wednesday 10 October. Participants may stay over Wednesday night to depart Thursday. There will be an informal Thursday morning session before departure.

The course fee of US$1500 includes accommodation from Friday 4 October through Wednesday 10 October. Meals are covered starting with dinner on Thursday 4 October and ends with lunch on Thursday 11 October.

There will be two daily workshop sessions:

  • 9.30 - 12.30 Lecture on the topic of the day
  • 4.00 -  7.00 Discussion period, amplification of points discussed in the morning.

In addition time will be available for individual one-on-one sessions.

Note: During the courses, one afternoon may be set aside for those who wish to do a little sight-seeing.

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